Tanked.io is a fantastic multiplayer io game in which you must compete in an exciting tank battle against hundreds of other players from all over the world! Enter the arena and take command of your very own tank – switch your tank with the WASD keys and aim your primary weapon with the left mouse button. You will increase your score by collecting scattered items on the ground as you walk across the screen.

Use these points to buy tank enhancements such as improved armor and weaponry. You must be fast on your feet and keep an eye out for any players trying to creep up on you. Move fast, look carefully, and gather as many things as you can.



- Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
- Use your mouse to attack and manipulate your weapon.
- To use the smoke skill, click on the icon or press the X key.


—More than 15 skin colors 
—Simple yet difficult gameplay 
—A monetary structure for upgrading the tank and learning new abilities
—Changing the size of the map depending on the number of players 
—Radar minimap

 Tanked.io is a free game that combines real-time survival and tank combat. Collect experience points, defeat your enemies to become stronger and more resilient, and live as long as you can! You can upgrade your characteristics with points won every few stages, and you can hide from others by using the smoke ability. You fight and defend against AI tanks. Tanked .io provides a vibrant gaming experience with different animations and graphical effects to enhance your enjoyment. Do not hesitate to join the war! Survive and dominate the other Tanked io players.

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