Sketchful-io is a drawing and guessing game that can be played online. In Sketchfulio, you can compete in real-time against players from all over the world. You will take turns as the artist and the guesser in this session. The artist is secretly given a term and is required to draw it. The guessers must guess the word by looking at the picture. The one who guesses correctly and first receives points. You may remember this as being quite similar to the popular tabletop game Pictionary. However, the concept of guessing what other players are drawing dates back far further. In addition, there is a public leaderboard in this edition, as well as a number of players from all over the world, that can add an international feel to the game. You'll be drawing the picture with your mouse and will have access to a lot of different paints, brushes, brush sizes, and interesting resources that allow you to paint the entire background or a small enclosed space. Guessing players would have to enter their responses into the community chat. The chat bot will automatically detect the correct answer, end the turn, and award points to the correct player. In this updated version of a classic game, put your guessing and drawing skills to the test.

 Control: To play, use your mouse. (B): Brush , Eraser —(E), Fill Bucket —(F), (C) : Clarify, (Z) : Reverse

How to play: When it's your turn to draw, you must pick a word from the various difficulty levels and draw it in 90 seconds. To earn points when someone else is painting, you must type your guess into the chatbox. The one who guesses a word the fastest wins!

Game Modes: Sketchfulio offers three game modes:

Free For All: Play a three-round game with everyone in the world 
Custom Game: Make your own custom game with any settings and play it with your buddies 
Practice Mode: Draw without time constraints and create a masterpiece!

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