ShipCraft-io is a 2D space shooter game with upgrades. Upgrade your very own personalized Space cruiser, gather energy, and destroy your opponents. Space is just spacious enough for the most adventurous and fastest cosmic pirates. Can you have what it takes to rule the universe?



—To switch, use WASD or arrow keys. 
—To fire, use the left mouse button or space bar.


—Gameplay involving spaceship construction and combat
—A variety of weapons with upgrade options
—You can access the construction mode at any time during the game.
—Smooth assaults and gestures is a fantastic spacecraft war game in which you take control of an epic starship. You're deep in space, and your goal is to conquer the galaxy by annihilating all other spacecraft in your path.
The game starts with each player constructing and customizing their own ship. Add weapons and armor from the equipment selection to make your ship invincible. As you advance through the game, you can win money that you can use to buy better equipment. Load up and take off into space. Best wishes!

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