Pucks.io is a 3v3 drop-in-and-out online team-based physics car hockey game. Pass the puck down the ice with planning and coordination to win! Pucks.io is simple to learn, but the competition is fierce, so you'll need to develop your skills to compete. Earn experience points by customizing the car by scoring or assisting goals, as well as for winning games. Finally, work your way up the ranks and try to become the world's best Pucks.io player!


WASD or arrow keys to drive 
Space bar to activate boost 
Q to adjust camera view 
Esc to access the menu

   In Pucks .io, the target is close to that of hockey: score as many goals as possible against the opposition side. When your shot is ready, click the "Space Bar" to execute a fast boost. Take advantage of crates to easily recharge this lift. It would be difficult to score on your own, so pass to a teammate in a better scoring spot!


—A three-on-three car hockey game 
—A level scheme for unlocking more car models
—Speed boost potential 
—Leaderboard for stat competition
—Fullscreen mode

   Can you like ice hockey and auto racing? If you do, you will undoubtedly enjoy Pucks io. This fantastic game mixes ice hockey and car racing in a game close to the famous SocCar. You must use your car to control the puck and score as many goals as possible when defending your own target. You also have an amazing boost skill that will give your car a speed boost to help you get past your enemies!

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