Nend-io is a fantastic multiplayer survival game in which you must learn to live and enjoy yourself in the epic city of Nend. This game is all about survival, and you must take care of your character's fitness, stamina, and resources. You must find work in order to raise money, which you must then use to buy food and supplies in order to survive.

You must keep an eye out for other players in the city; they can try to target and kill you, however you will do the same, so be proactive and try and eliminate them first. Manage your life and strive to succeed in the wonderful and intriguing city of Nend!


WASD to move
Left click Lto attack
Enter to chat
E key or space bar to interact 
M key to open map
—To delete an item, use the right-click .


—A city survival game with elements of The Sims 
—Basic needs to be met 
—You can purchase a building to produce income 
—Aging method 
—To improve a talent, level up 
— Navigator for maps


Sleep, eat, have fun and go to the toilet
You should sleep in a tent. The higher the quality of your bed, the healthier your night.
To eat, go to a distributor, a grocery, or a garbage can. Some foods have a unique influence.
Improve the attitude by dancing, taking medicine/food, or purchasing new clothing.

Earn money
Work on a machine, look for money on the streets, or murder people.
When you have enough money, you can purchase a building and receive commissions every second. You earn money any time someone buys something in your building.

Upgrade your skills
You will strengthen your character in the following areas each year: computing, trading, strength, speed, inventory, search, mood, food, sleep, and toilet.

Get a successor
Consider purchasing an heir in a nursery before you die.
The more abilities your replacement possesses, the more expensive he will be. is a city survival game that allows you to rise, mature, and rebirth. Sleep, eat, have fun, and use the restroom. To live, you'll need to get a job and buy some real estate. Find a replacement worthy of your dreams, and try not to die running through the trash!

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