AcolyteFight-io is an enchanting multiplayer arena io game. In this multiplayer environment, you can shoot fireballs, wave your lightsaber, and dodge meteors. Defeat the opponents in a fast-paced, high-skilled war of sorcery. Only the Acolyte who masters the art of shooting, dodging, anticipating, and pacing will survive. Find the best mix of the 30+ spells and climb the leaderboard.


—Push or fire for the mouse
Right click to dash. To cast a spell, type ASQWERDF.


—.io skillshot arena game 
—2D basic graphics with round characters 
—Various adjustable spells 
—Play against AI and upload your own settings Private space for you and your mates


—Aim for where the opponent is going rather than where they are.
—Don't hesitate to avoid! To stop being struck, take a step to the left. Most spells are sluggish enough to be avoided altogether.
—Select your playstyle: knockback, injury, melee, lifesteal, and so on. Find spell variations that fit well together to help your build. is a game that takes place in a magical arena. In the game, you play as an acolyte who fights a war by casting different spells to defeat enemies. You should customize your spell collection to include the spells you like the most. Enter the ring, use your spells correctly, evade incoming attacks, and prove yourself to be the master of magic!

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