MineFighters is a Minecraft-style game that is completely free to play. You click to collect, update, create, and kill in this game. If you wish to rule the leaderboard as well as the battlefield, you must move quickly, think quickly, and fight fiercely. Can you really not trust us? So, giving it a shot for yourself. The game throws you straight into the center of the action, where you can break, bash, and create to your heart's content.

 Control: To attack, use the left mouse button; to sprint, use the right mouse button.

How to play: Pick up apples, melon, and steak to level up when you're little. When you grow in size, it is important to target other players in order to grow in size. To run from others, use your jog, but keep in mind that it consumes energy and will deplete your score for leveling up. Be that you don't run out!

  The amount of food you collect and the number of enemies you destroy determine your score. When you are larger, it is much more effective to fight enemies and you can get 50 points for each enemy you kill and 1 to 3 points for each meal you consume, because it is much more efficient to kill enemies because you are bigger.

  Since you get slower and can see more of the map as you get larger, a small fast player can often kill a weak player even though he is a higher rank.

The evolutions are listed in the following order:

—Pig, Chicken, Cow, Sheep, Villager, Wolf, Spider, Zombie Creeper, and Enderman Herobrine is a form of herobrine.
—If you reach herobrine, you are a true gamer, but will you reach the top of the leaderboard?
—The minimum scores for of stage up are 100, 250, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1700, 2100, 2500, and 2900.
—Begin as a pig and work your way up through the ranks. Find out if you have what it takes to become herobrine!
—Experiment with various methods to see what fits best.

   An simple way to boost your score is to hit players from the side without a shield, forcing them to turn and face you before swinging their weapon. In the meantime, you'll have killed them! In general, it is safer to target smaller players while avoiding larger ones. When you reach a certain level, you can take possession of the arena by eliminating any of the larger teams. This game is based on Mojang's Minecraft, but it does not use any of their art assets; everything was created from scratch.

  So, what are you holding out for? Join this Minecraft adventure!

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