Laserbots-io is an IOGame that is available for download. This is a 3rd person isometric shooter in which you play as a virtual robot in a virtual arena. Fight other players in the PvP deathmatch mode, or protect your fortress from the zombie army in the cooperative zombies mode.


- Use keyboard and mouse
- Use the arrow keys to navigate back.
- Target with the mouse.
- Click to shoot.

Deathmatch Mode
There are eight teams. With a game length of 5 minutes and a 2v2v2v2 format, the player with the highest score wins. Keep an eye out for weapon, health, and tower pickups scattered across the world.
**Maps: Arena: There's nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. Bring yourself through the wringer.

Zombies Mode
Up to four players on the same team will work together to defend the base from zombies. Killing a zombie grants you a point, which you can use to deploy towers. When zombies die, they can do harm to something nearby, so don't let them come too close. Each wave becomes more difficult, because if your base takes 5 hits, you can fail. This game mode can be difficult, so I recommend using towers... a lot of them.
**Maps: Corridor: A straight line linking you and the zombies. Simple and elegant.
Spiral: As the waves advance, make your way through the spiral. More strategic tower positioning is available here (you'll need it).

To swap maps, you must first wait for a match to finish before voting for a new map.

You should set up towers that will automatically shoot enemies in your vicinity. Towers are free to collect in deathmatch mode but cost 5 points to collect in zombies mode. After picking up a tower, switch to a suitable location and push the shoot button to deploy it. Towers may be damaged, decay, and finally be demolished.

- Firing a firearm absorbs electricity, which is immediately recharged.
- Dual Laser: This is your first tool. Harm is persistent and mild.
- Plasma Launcher: Deals a lot of splash damage. Excellent for wiping out zombie hordes...
- Beam Laser: Superb single-target damage with limitless range.

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