Krunt-poka-io is a new IO Battle Royale game in which you must loot other players, create a fortress, farm supplies, destroy your enemies, and escape the tornado! . Are you going to be able to obtain the Victory Royale? Can you have what it takes to outthink and outplay your rivals to become the supreme Krunt? You may believe you have what it takes to Krunt, but you won't know until the Krunt lands. So dive into this challenging central crafting, base defense, and battle royale game in which only the Krunt survive.


E - Interact with ground objects, chests, and cars 
Left click - Fire your weapon 
Q - Switch to construction mode to construct walls (you will need to use your left click to build the wall)
Space - Use this to jump through almost anything on the globe! You can also hop between houses 
Shift - Sprint 
R - Reload your pistol 
M - View the map and prepare for the approaching zone 
—From 1 to 6 keys - Turn weapons, you can even switch guns with your mouse wheel 
— Drop and transfer your inventory - To move the weapons, simply click it and drag it to the desired location.


Weapons include:

ASSAULT RIFFLE: Since the regular assault rifle stretches the whole rarity ladder, discussing the weapon as a whole is challenging. If there is no difference in terms of damage and reload time, the real differentiator is precision.

SMG: The SMG pistol fires quicker than any other gun, and it also has the most ammunition. The reload time is fairly normal, and the damage done by this weapon is modest. This weapon is ideal for close combat.

SCAR: The gold legendary SCAR is by far the most useful all-around knife. SCAR is the most powerful pistol in Its accuracy, injury, and fire rate give you a significant advantage in almost any situation. Which is awesome if you can get one; however, their iconic reputation means they're rare, so basing a winning plan on obtaining one isn't really a choice.

SHOTGUN: This is the perfect gun for near range shooting because it fires several bullets per shot and allows you to shoot twice before needing to reload.

Gameplay: After pressing the play button, you will be teleported into the lobby, where you will have to wait a few seconds before all of the players are ready. When everyone is prepared, the game will begin, and you will be teleported back to the Battle Royale map.

The first thing you must do is move quickly and loot! To loot, you must open the chests scattered across the map. If you get Potions and Mini-potions, use them to complete your shield.
The second thing you must do is gather farming resources. Later in the game, you'll need to erect walls to defend yourself from the enemies, and you'll need a lot of materials to do so.

The third and final step is to track down and eliminate the other players! And there can only be one winner, you must kill to live in order to prevail.
Another thing you should consider is the zone. The region will continue to make the map smaller and smaller, and you must stop it because it will inflict harm on you. The first zone will only strike you with 1s, the second zone will hit you with 2s, the third zone will hit you with 4s, the fourth zone will hit you with 8s, and the fifth zone will hit you with 16s!

Be sure to tell your mates about Krunt io! Have fun with Kruntio!

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