Ghst-io is shooting game featuring adorable monster characters! Your goal is to become the most powerful monster by killing others. To strike the enemies, fire your beam. Each kill grants you one point of experience. When you level up, you can use your experience to upgrade your character. Have a good time!


Shift to increase the pace 
Left click to shoot

How to play: Using the mouse to direct, the left button to fire, the left shift button to burst, and the number buttons to upgrade. To replenish your mana, kill little ghosts. Pink ones provide you with a new knife.

Strategy: Use the mana wisely. You can quickly avoid high level players and chase down low level ones if you conserve your mana for bursting. Use the mana for shooting only when you're certain you'll land.

  Every weapon has a unique strategy: Circle is most effective when shot when standing on top of an opponent. It may also be used to fire at pursuers or when circling an enemy.
Near range spread is extremely effective. Keep your weapon hidden until you're close enough to not scare away the pray. Frenzy is the best farming weapon in terms of DPS. Homing is a skill weapon with the lowest DPS but the ability to fire from angles that the enemy cannot reach you. With pure ability, you can destroy even high level ghosts with this sword.

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