Hilly.io is an excellent online driving game in which you must compete against teams from all over the world in frantic racing action. You must run as fast as possible while still taking into account the movement and height of the hills – the hills will impair your pace and momentum.

To hit the hills at the right time, you must remember to time the jumps perfectly. You must also remember to enter the checkpoints as quickly as possible. The side-scrolling gameplay is entertaining, and you'll find yourself yelling at the console as you compete against other teams. Will you master Hilly.io and demonstrate your driving abilities?

Control: To play, use the left mouse button or the space bar.


—A ball.io driving game 
—2D side-scrolling view with several hills
—Gameplay dependent on momentum 
—You are racing against other races from around the world in real time.
—Upgrades are available for purchase, and the ball's model can be modified.

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