Dumbgame .io is a multiplayer Bomberman-style game in which movement and actions are controlled by the mouse.. Start snacking, dropping grenades, and seeing if you have what it takes to succeed. This is a fresh and original take on a couple of your favorite games. Instead of battling the maze or AI foes, you'll be pitted against scores of other players from around the world in real time. Thrill at the tactic involved in carrying out your plans for dropping explosives, smashing up walls, and taking the merchandise. You will make quick tactical decisions that will affect your ability to travel without getting stuck and excel. Stay frosty because as you progress through the game, you'll find yourself stuck behind brick walls that come out of nowhere. And sure to save those explosives or you'll be out of here! This is an online action game in 2D. It takes the best elements from games like Packman and Bomberman and combines them into fast-paced gameplay. Packman characters use explosives to combat each other in a 2D war arena. This is why multiplayer was created.


—Use the mouse to monitor acceleration. 
—Use the left mouse button to drop bombs.

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