Evades.io is an online cooperative rogue-like io title. Be a hero as you journey through a tough universe, avoiding deadly foes and saving new friends you make along the way. Using the two unique powers, which range from invisibility to teleportation, to fortify yourself. Unlock a new hero for each world you beat, who will help you get your name on the Hall of Fame and, if you play well enough, a gold crown!


—To switch, use the WASD keys. 
—To use a skill 1, press J or K.  
—Use Z or X to trigger skill 2 
1,2,3,4,5 to level up your hero
—This world is divided into 40 zones. Get to the end and you'll be able to unlock new heroes. To access heroes, you must first create an account.


—Enjoyable multiplayer gaming 
—You can complete the journey with other players 
—You can level up and customize the hero

In addition Evades Playing Orders:

—The blue bar above your head represents your power.
—Use Pellets for Practice! You level up and get a point if you earn enough pellets!
—Use your points to purchase enhancements (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
—Hover your mouse over the icons to see what skills you can gain!
—Touch dead players and bring them back to life!
—To cover the hero information card, press H.
—To cover the conversation, press V.
—To cover the map, press M.
—To change the map view, press G.
—Hold the change button to slow down.

Evades Tips​

—You just get one life. You will fall if an opponent touches you. If anyone touches you before the timer runs out, they will save you.
—There are many worlds to discover. To get to them, simply use the light blue areas in Area 1.
—Stellar Square is purely for entertainment purposes. It's like a little arena where you can freeze your mates by throwing snowballs at them.
—To regulate your pace, use change. When it gets packed with rivals, this comes in handy!
—To begin typing in the conversation, press enter, and then enter again to submit your post.
—Make new friends with your teammates! They are your most important resource and they will save you.
—Watch out for wall enemies. They make it impossible for you to hug the wall.
—Defeating a new area will grant access to a new hero!
—Hide the hero card to make opponents at the bottom of the screen more visible.
—Begin with Central Core and Monumental Migration. These are the simplest regions to conquer. They will get you inducted into the Hall of Fame.
—To win a bronze medal, you must finish in the top 25. The silver crown is ranked number ten. The gold crown is ranked third.
—Each Sunday at 4 p.m. EST, the hall of fame is reset and new crowns are awarded. Each week, the world of Evades transforms!
—We have a Discord server! Join our welcoming group and get feedback immediately by clicking the discord button on the homepage!

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