Dotz-io is yet another exciting game in which you must manipulate a dot and try to develop it by swallowing enemy dots! Although games of this kind literally encourage you to keep expanding, when you level up in Dotz, your dot's scale is reset and you must begin expanding again. The outer boundary of your dot expands as you level up.

 Control: To manipulate the character, use the mouse or arrow keys. To rise, move about and eat smaller dots. To increase your tempo, press the space bar or click the left mouse button. To expand, consume smaller dots. Boost and pursue the other. Level up and shrink back down. is a free-for-all io game in which your target is to become the largest dot of your peers! To rise, consume other dots. But be careful: when you step up, your dot shrinks, requiring you to scale up even further! The larger still devours the smaller. Can you become the most powerful? Keep going to gather dots and keep an eye out for your adversary - a dot with a bigger mass will eat you, so be cautious. Often, stop confrontation as your own dot is about to level up, since you could meet a foe far bigger than you in the blink of an eye. Can you top the leader board by dominating the arena and making a big dot?

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