Boas-io is a fantastic multiplayer io game that incorporates gaming features from both and Snake. In this game, you must command a massive colored snake. You must drive around the map, circling the various items and attempting to eat them.

Your tail becomes longer as you consume artifacts. To become the biggest snake on the map, you must travel quickly and keep circling. Remember that you can change the color of your snake if you like!


—Use the mouse to control your snake.
—Surround yourself with everything on the map to eat and win points.
—Eliminate other snakes to progress through the stages.


—Gameplay based on elimination 
—Different play areas with 3D graphics 
—Custom snake colors 
—Fullscreen support 
— Controls are smooth, and the game is simple to play.


- Every rank, the last snake on the leaderboard will be removed. Just the champions advance to the next stage.
- If you finish in the top three on the leaderboard, you can also win a badge.
- Keep yourself among the best players if you want to eat the whole map. Will you become the ultimate level winner?
- Surround and devour them all right now! is a competitive io game in which you play as a snake who wants to feed in order to grow large and powerful. Consume all on the map by surrounding it and growing your tail to eat more. Compete against the city's reptiles. Maintain your place among the best and develop into the largest snake ever! Will you become the ultimate level winner?

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