Popular Wars.io

Popular Wars.io is a one-of-a-kind online io game that is focused around how strong an influencer you are. Popularity, popularity never varies. Popularwars.io pits you against enemies from all over the world in a giant Multi-player experience. Your goal is to travel quickly, wisely, and attract the most followers. Seek out niche cliques, devour whole cultures, and grow ever larger. In reality, if your reputation increases enough, you will be able to absorb your opponents and their supporters. The best kind of retaliation is a follow from an old foe. Popularity is valuable, because it is a rare find. In this game, your popularity is measured on a leaderboard with only three slots. If you can't place first, second, or seventh, you may as well not turn up at all. Outwit the other players, steal their fans, and amass a following.

 Control: To switch, use the left mouse button.


—Collectible followers 
—You can snatch the followers of other players 
—Cool graphics 
—Controls are easy.

  Popular Wars io is a fantastic game that is inspired by Hole.io. You must strive to win the popularity contest in this multiplayer game by attracting followers inside the arena.
When you reach a certain level of success, you will attempt to target other players and knock them down! You must aspire to become the ultimate emperor and conquer everyone else in the arena's popularity contest.

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