Mudwars-io is a fun multiplayer io game with tank upgrades! To farm precious gold ores and win points, you must tunnel across the map. Any time you level up, you can spend a point on one of the many improvements available, such as weapon impact, reload speed, and so on. Some of your unique abilities in help you to blend in with your surroundings and sneak up on your opponents. That has the potential to be a very successful technique.

Control: with 2 control layouts

1. Use WS and left click to play
2. Use Arrowkeys and Space 

  MudWars .io is a game in which you control a tank and battle other players in a muddy field! You can select your username, tank skin, and server area before you begin. As you first join the war, you must fly around the map and fire at the gold nuggets found on the ground; killing a nugget grants you XP and helps you to level up your tank.

 When your tank advances to the next level, you will be awarded stat points, which you will use to increase your reload speed, damage, health, heal capability, energy, and recharge time. Aside from the core map, the outskirts are strewn with dirt, slowing your advance and necessitating the use of your tracks to cut a way through it. You will find larger nuggets in the mud that will give you more XP, but you will also be more vulnerable to enemy damage! As you advance, your tank becomes more effective, and you can wreak havoc on your opponents! Will you be able to win the MudWario?

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