Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees is a game. You are in charge of a hive, and you must collect pollen in order to produce honey. Purchase updates to become the best bee in the arena!


Set up your hive and start collecting pollen to make honey. Create the largest and most powerful Hive in the region. Tap a herb to collect pollen. Return pollen to your hive by touching it.

- WASD to move
- Use Item/Shoot - Left Click/ from 1 to 8 keys
- B - open Shop
- T: Team


+ Dead hives and corpses are now properly despawned.
+ If you die, keep your health/pollen upgrades.
+ Team Ability (5).


+ Both team members will use/share the same Honey.
+ Additional shop pieces, such as Upgrades and better Stingers.
+ Increase your loot by killing other players and destroying hives.
+ Purchase additional units to assist you, such as guards and gatherers.

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