Exodragon Games created Yohoho.io, a multiplayer .io title. You play as a pirate in this browser game, and your goal is to rule the islands. The game revolves around destroying other pirates, gathering gold, and expanding your territory. A dashing talent in the game increases your pirate speed. As you drive about, gather gold coins and try to stay out of the danger zone. You would be injured if you crash into it. Is it possible for you to become the most hated pirate?


- Switch around with the mouse or the WASD/arrow buttons.
- Click the left mouse button or the space bar to strike. To charge an assault, hold the button.


- Pirate theme 
- Set on a tropical island 
- 20 character choices, each with their own unique skill
- A special dash attack to use 
- Fullscreen playable

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