GoBattle.io is a multiplayer.io game in which you play as a knight and fight other players to become king. Choose from a variety of knights, such as Batman and Vegeta! Hit the other knights with your sword to cause damage. You gain a player's coins when you destroy them; your ranking is determined by the number of coins you have. When you raise 20 and 40 gold, your weapon improves. You can pick up a variety of weapons in the region, as well as a potion that will recover a portion of your health. To protect yourself from incoming damage, use your shield. Are you capable of being the next king?

 Knight Control:

- W or up arrow to hop 
- S or down arrow to shield 
- V to do melee assault
- AD or left/right arrow to switch
- Toss a pistol with the space bar.

 GoBattleio is an informal MMO 2D platformer built on the browser. Play with friends online.

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