Paper-io-2 2 is an io game in which you must capture all of the territories that correspond to your color and form. You are given a form and a color, but the territories you dominate and the region you rule are completely up to you! In Paper io 2, you will be competing against other players in an arena that all have the same target as you: taking over as much ground as possible without being caught! To win the arena, simply maneuver your form to close loops and create up a blob of your red. The larger you get, the more you'll want to extend your kingdom by encroaching on other players' territories! Spill the color into their territory or scribble down their form as they move around the map. Yet keep an eye on the throne! The wealthier you become, the more targeted you can become. The player at the top of the leaderboard receives a crown and a goal on their back! The head is also heavy.

 Control and how to play: 

Keep down the left mouse button and move a line, ring, circle, or blob that matches up with your starting point. The game will fill in the blanks with the pastel color you've chosen. Repeat this process until you have conquered the bulk of the desk. Take care! Other players will take over your shapes and kill you by crossing the line as you're drawing until the form is done. Become the ultimate master in paper io2 and pastel-paint the town!

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