Devast-io is an io strategy game in which you attempt to live with only the basic necessities. Create a shelter, guns, warm up, and grow your own food in a post-apocalyptic future where nature reclaims its rights to defend yourself from this cruel world and the many other refugees.


- ARROW KEYS or WASD to move; LEFT CLICK to hit; E to interact; SHIFT to accelerate
- M stands for map; 
- C stands for Craft and Skills

DEVAST.IO Strategy:

- Begin by crafting a hachet by clicking on C (the Crafting Button in the upper left corner) 
- Unlock skills as you level up 
- Gather enough food to make seeds and start your own food production 
- Build a hat to keep warm or boost the gun-making tools.
- Survive, but be wary of the radiation!

**If you experience latency, pick the low quality settings option from the settings menu (the gear in the top left)

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