Zombs.io is an .io tower defense game that combines Minecraft and zombies. Build your fortress and protect it from zombie waves. Get your foundation better by upgrading it. Be cautious, as each wave becomes stronger and stronger. How many nights will you last? Build a broad base of your friends (but be careful! When you're in a party, more zombies will spawn than usual.)

 How to Play ZOMBS.io

- To begin your foundation, place your Gold Stash [hotkey 8]. Zombies can spawn at night, so create quickly. Harvest local Stone and Wood capital to start constructing towers.
- Develop Gold Mines to start producing gold (you can use gold to upgrade your towers and purchase goods from the shop) (B).
- Build as many turrets as possible to protect your gold stash and mines. WALLS ARE Highly Necessary! They will protect your base and keep zombies from directly assaulting your towers.
- As you live more nights, you will gain points, and the Zombies will get stronger and stronger. Can you make it to the 100th wave?


- As soon as possible, build 8 gold mines to increase gold income.
- Use the Shop (B) to customize your Pickaxe and purchase additional weapons to help you defend.
- Upgrading walls is critical - be cautious as the Zombies get even stronger later on and can surprise you!
- Place turrets with caution because they each have their own set of stats.

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