Only the Powerful live in the universe of, while the Weak die. In Bigmon's Forest and Snow regions, you were once considered as one of the most powerful beings as the White spider of hail north, but it all changed when the Green Dragons descended from the heavens and killed the entire ecosystem. To beat the green dragon, you had to deal with the Red Forest King and the Spider King. Despite the fact that it was overcome, such a feat absorbed the entire life force energy rising between you and the other rulers. With just a few seconds of life left in you, a shadowy figure cast a reincarnation spell on you, preventing you from coming to Earth and giving you a second shot at life, but the only downfall was that you had to start again from scratch, with all 500 years of experience in your body deleted, but you retained the information. You've been offered a second chance. Start as a tiny rat and work your way up through the heavens until you outnumber even the dragons that rule the realm of BigMon.

 Control: Use mouse to play


- Always stop larger monsters 
- If you are being pursued by a larger creature, locate the closest portal to flee.

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