BrutalMania-io (Brutal Mania) is an internet fighting game in which you can fight a slew of other players in the most horrific fight you've ever seen. Take on other players and defeat them all to win the game by being the last man standing. You'll join an arena with other players from all over the world, just like in our games. Whack these other players with your massive mallet and go on a destructive spree. There are numerous upgrades for your characters and weapons that will render you unstoppable in battle. Dominate and kill everything, then jump into a new lobby and repeat the process!

 Control: To move, use your mouse. Attack with the left mouse button, sprint with the right mouse button


- A player must take several hits before being eliminated from the game.
- Effects on the blood
- A leveling system allows you to gain access to more arms and character upgrades.
- There are a variety of characters and weapons to choose from.
- Earn bonus coins by completing achievements.

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