Air Wars 3

Air Wars 3 is an air-fighting multiplayer game. In a fierce fight in the air, the objective of the game is to defeat your sponsors. Air Wars 2 is likewise quite popular in the prior game. Combat an uproar in the sky and lead the way in this spectacular 3D fighting game.


- Mouse to aim/shoot
- C or right mouse to cockpit view
- W or up arrow to boost speed
- AWSD or arrow keys to move
- S key to slow down
- Esc to open menu
- P key to toggle advanced graphics

How to Play Air Wars 3

Join or build your own custom game in your gaming room. Save your progress by registering a free account. The Air Wars 3 controls are easy to learn and intuitive, so you can fight immediately! Once you know flying, assault and capture opposing planes. A lot of 3D maps may be explored, conquered and controlled.

Progress of the game

Air Wars 3 offers you a multitude of prizes from novice to pro pilot. For you to track your progress, there are lead boards. You're going to unlock more aircraft when you play and win more games. Upgrades like speed and weapon power, including your plane, may be purchased and applied to any aircraft.

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