Vex 3

Vex 3 is the second Vex series platform game. The game is full of turns and turns, with a maze of fatal gadgets and traps to navigate on every level. To make your way to the next action, avoid spinning blades, spikes, and traps!

Control: To move, use WASD or arrow keys. Skip to climb up walls from side to side. Play new acts by pushing the arrow key down on the block of their actions. Violet bricks are weak thus if you foot at them, they will tumble down. Orange bricks are fantastic and good if you'd want to jump up into the air! The game has several checkpoints, so when you die you may always start the newest one.


— An addicting but challenging gameplay 
— A choice of jigsaw puzzles to traverse 
— Bonus levels and progress achievements 
— 10 standard levels and 9 more challenge measures

How to Play Vex 3

You must reach the conclusion of every act to play through and advance on Vex 3. This requires preventing the lethal traps and gadgets from spread across every level. You will be sent back to the next checkpoint when you become the victim of one of these lethal contraptions. You must find out from there how the impediment you are experiencing may be overcome.

Vex 3 Acts
It is possible to do 10 typical actions. It becomes harder, as you might guess. It is becoming more intricate and more difficult to trap the labyrinth. There are also nine challenge acts if you are a definite gamer. You get this "Hardcore" award, well-deserved.

If it's not enough to make it live, there are additional accomplishments for you to feel. You can get cool trophies without dying or dying too much to do an act flawlessly. Hardcore accomplishments are then there. These achievements contain hidden stars at every level and the additional nine challenges.

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