Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run: In this side-scrolling platform game, take control of the iconic Mario. The castle of the princess is on fire. You have to flee! Rundown every level and gather coins as you go. You have to leap over obstacles, over water, over the fire. Some blocks can also be destroyed to find more coins. Various power-ups, such as a jetpack or a glass of super-sized champagne can also be found.

When each level is completed and the coins are collected, you may buy new and entertaining suits for Mario to wear. There are several stages to be completed, each with varied impediments and scenery inspired by Mario. Are you going to escape the fire and lead Mario successfully through each level? This game's visuals are great and play enjoyable and demanding — it's a definite must for any tough Super Mario lover!


Control: To leap, just left-click and double-click to leap. Hold left mouse to float in the air.

   Unlocked everywhere Play Super Mario Run! Gaming sites like PokaGames are typically prohibited in certain regions, including schools, offices, hospitals, etc. This is why many individuals in these places cannot enjoy their favorite sports. Don't worry if you are one of them, because the Super Mario Run Unblocked version may still make you enjoy this game.

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