The Lost Pyramid

The Lost  Pyramid is a lovely and intriguing two-player puzzle, with the treasures of a buried pyramid to be revealed. Each player plays a single person and has a distinct set of skills to conquer the tasks and unveil the mysteries of the Egyptian Marvel. One can play solo, yet this game is great for playing with family and friends due to the dual keyboard control mechanism!

The player can leap and shoot, while player 2 is allowed to jump and throw punches. Gather scrolls at each level and attempt to solve the problems. This title offers more than 10 challenges and the gameplay keeps you on top. Be careful to look out for the nasty momma and traps on your healthcare bar! Can you solve the lost pyramid's puzzles?


Player 1: A and D keys to move, W key to jump, F key to shoot
Player 2: Left and right arrow keys to move, Up arrow key to jump, L key to punch, K key to throw the grenade


— Nice Co-op 2 player in a large pyramid full of old monsters, mummies, dangerous traps
— In each region you have to gather all the gold and meet to finish it.
— More than 10 hard tasks
— Each person has various skills and life 
— Some riddles you can complete during the game

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