Stickman Punch

Be ready for the flood of persistent opponents in Stickman Punch. Your adversaries are determined to overthrow you from both sides. Keep your watch, get up and prepare yourself to box some faces. Can you survive these opponents' strikes and become the last combatant to stand?

Control: Mouse


— 2D graphics coloring 
— Five weapons 
— One button 
— Gameplay addictive

  A cold breeze springs through the air, and without hesitation, you can see your adversaries approaching. You're ready to show them with whom they mess? The aim of the game is to survive the enemy's onslaught as long as you can. You will be in the center of the arena and be mindful of both ways. You may use the mouse to play the game. To assault the adversary, click on a side of the screen. You ought or you can't hit them till they come close to you. You'll win green flames and awards when you murder other stick figures. Tired of your fists and kicks fighting? This green flame can you utilize in your struggle as a coin to release and use 5 different arms. At the top of the screen you can track the amount of flames and trophies you won. You will notice only between the enemy how many you murdered. Aren't blood affects like that? It can be switched off. The game finishes when one of the adversaries hits you. The hot meeting maintains your body pumped by the excitement, and you should never quit soon. How many foes can you beat before you fall?

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