It's a free io game, Outlive.ai. Welcome to Outlive.ai's tremendously shrill universe, a game where you're a wormy tiny snake who tries to remain alive and get out of competition. It's a game awful and may appear a bit familiar, but don't be deceived by it. Outlive.ai takes the old snake theme from an innovative perspective. Outlive.ai is a multiplayer game growing with an incredible speed on top of the traditional snake premise, but with completely new features and power-ups. Your objective will survive by evading more tough bots and other players as long as possible. We challenge other players to survive and become the room's largest snake.

Control: WASD or Arrow keys to move,  press 1, 2, 3 keys for power-ups: 1=Temporarily speed up. 2=Temporarily freeze nearby bots, 3=Destroy nearby bots.

You start the game as a little snake but will grow bigger soon if you keep alive. Sounds simple? Sounds simple? Well, good luck. Well, good luck! Enemy bots proliferate like insane, and target you at their best.

Pay attention to the gray places as they delay you. Run from the purple bots like hell, too: they move more quickly and catch up with you much easier. Try not to panic if possible. In addition to avoiding panic, several players also found power-ups useful (see the "Controls" section).

If you like, you may attempt caught up with other gamers. But you'll only attempt to survive, we're quite confident. After all, survival is the game's entire goal.

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