The free io Game is Welcome to Among Arena's fast-paced universe. This is a game in which you know who the wrong folks are and all you have to do to overcome them is growing up, becoming strong, quickly growing, and eating. Only the big ones in this universe will live so that you have to be able to overthrow and demolish other gamers from all around the planet. To develop, you will have to scratch the board and do not eat while you swallow up all the wobbly space worms on the floor of the arena. They're mainly protein, don't worry. Amongarenaio is a colorful multiplayer game! Collect cables and grow larger, dodge hunting for bigger players!

Control: Move the mouse to steer, hold the left mouse button or space to boost

Gameplay: Players begin as little figures and expand via the collection of wires. Run with larger players to get lesser people to hit. Boosting can assist young people to escape or bridge the distance, but should only be done when essential as it leads to a loss of points among participants. The points lost during boosting fall on the way behind the boosting player. The smaller player loses points or is destroyed when it bumps with bigger players. If the greater player is greater than 150 percent, a player gets annihilated in a collision.

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