Bob The Robber


Stage in Bob the Robber, a succession of daredevils! Bob has grown up with the spellbinding legends of Robin Hood and locks up his abilities and burglaries to aid others. Bob the Robber is the first game of the series and describes how the protagonist got into thievery. All of the shadows, guards, security cameras, and dogs are part of the adventure. Carry your masks and tips throughout the levels. The first guideline of a successful thief being silent and stealthy!


Control: Play with WASD or using arrow keys. To assault watchmen, use the space bar. Hold up arrow key to open door


— 5 distinct levels 
— Various forms of opponents 
— Challenge riddles 
 — Don't get caught and sneak around

Bob the Robber provides everyone with enjoyable games. The two most notable characteristics of the game are stealth and puzzle-solving. You will find locked doors and secret treasures, bullying guards, and violent guardian dogs along your trip through the levels! Shh, be calm! Shh! You may even get banged by a single creaking noise. Your aim is to complete a robbery without being picked up at every stage. You must unlock the locks at the doors and circumvent the guards. Bob always carries his treasured lock in his pocket as an effective and resourceful burglary. Wait until the perfect moment and wrap the lock in the opening to open the mechanism. Youll must deactivate lasers at various stages. Find your fuse box to perform this and cut the right cable. The guards are far too cocky and go around without attentively looking at them. This is a fault! Bob can merge in with the shadows and wait till the ideal moment to unconsciously knock the guards. Bob may now proceed on his journey, as the security guards are down. If you are noticed by one of the many safety cameras, things might not go according to schedule! Hide in the shade, hide in the stairway or go forward exactly underneath the camera to prevent discovery. It was an invitation! If you set the alarm apart, Youll will probably not do this, so you take more caution next time. 

This is only the start of Bob's amazing theft escapades. Would you want to witness what kind of problems Bob is next? Then check out our selection of additional Bob the Robber games and go across the world with international Bob! Fun to play! Have fun to play!

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