Zombie Parade Defense 2

Zombie Parade Defense 2:With the second game in the franchise, Zombie Parade Defense begins. Although the zombies in the new game are tougher, the game will continue until the 3rd player. As before, with each wave the zombies get stronger. Guns, towers, traps, shields and incentives must be used to avoid them. The goal is to keep zombies from the buildings, whether you play 1 player or 2-3 player. You win the game if you can withstand 10 waves in all!


- Player 1: WASD keys to move, Q key to switch gun, E key to go in/out base
- Player 2: Arrowkeys to move, . key to switch gun, L key to go in/out base
- Player 3: YGHJ keys to move, T key to switch gun, U key to go in/out base
- Use Mouse to allow Weapons and Power-ups.

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