Zombie Mission 7


Zombie Mission 7: With this brand new 7th chapter, Zombie Mission begins. You are waiting for a whole new adventure! When our heroes go on holiday, the station is overwhelmed by zombies. They stop their holidays with an incoming letter and go to work immediately. Max 20 levels and three different bosses have to fight.

Collect all the records, server maintenance, and inmate rescue. To continue this battle, press the market icon for the requisite upgrades. (The coins you win between the stages are available for you to do that.) Remember not to use robots that are wearable. Signs will skip to the walls. Gravity switches are also required!


- Player 1: WASD keys to move, F key to hit, G key to grenade, W key to jump, Q and E keys to switch weapons
- Player 2: Arrowkeys to move, L key to hit, K key to grenade, up arrowkey to jump, O and P keys to switch weapons
Both 1 player and player 2 are allowed to play the game. In the stages you cannot reach, you can search the walking video of the icon "W." We also advise you to start the game for the first time in "Standard" mode.

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