Super Crime Steel War Hero


Super Crime Steel War Hero Iron Flying Mech Robot is yet another outstanding title from HGames-Artworks. In this title, you take care of a superhero resembling Tony Stark – Iron Man! You must drive about and discover the massive 3D city in order to apprehend the offenders and gangsters.

On your Iron Man costume, you will do a variety of actions such as firing lasers and soaring. Use various robot models to complete a variety of missions. Can you save the day and demonstrate Iron Man's value as a superhero?



- WASD or arrow keys: move
- T key to open nearby garage
- E key to start to fly
- C key to fly down
- Right click: laser
- Left click to shoot or punch
- Space bar to jump or fly up
- Left shift to run
- X key to switch weapon
- F key to open car
- R key to open nearby shop
- G key to grenade
- Z key to switch grenade
- C key to switch vehicle camera

Controls for garbage trucks

—Dump start:
—Pitchfork up:
—Pitchfork down: X
—End of dump: E
—Lift container: Space


—The lead character is a robot who can fly and fire lasers. 
—There are two robot models to choose from. 
—There are several missions to complete using vehicles.
—Excellent 3D graphics

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