Free io game Slayerz.ioSlayerzio's universe is a rude shooting or fired, live, and allow the arena massacre to die. This is a hardcore game, players who can fight with the best and have killed their way through the rest. That's an io game, but the contest you face is not AI's going in a haze, but real live people walking in a haze. You can personalize your avatars in these games, pick your weapon, sharpen your skills and jump onto the arena to prove your value. Slayerz io is a first-person online gambling shooter of the popular game genre. Defeat the enemies. Gather coins; purchase cosmetic materials and gun skins.


- WASD keys to move
- Left mouse to shoot
- E key to open and close door
- Hold  the right mouse button to aim
- Space to jump


•Character selection
• Hat selection
• Weapon
• Weapon skins
• Guns and melee weapon
• Coins collected during the gameplay
• Character movement & attack - Gun reload
• Text chat
• Friends list

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