Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D

Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D is a 3D simulation of a city. You're taking on the role of a raccoon this time. Explore every inch of the big city and begin your incredible journey right now! This is one of the best city simulation applications around. It also has a distinct gameplay theme. As a little raccoon, explore the beautiful cityscape!

Raccoons are mostly disliked by the general public. Just not this raccoon! Install the game and see what fun you can have as this tiny, cute animal. It's easy to see why the game is classified in the adventure genre of apps. The city is yours to discover, and as a raccoon, you will make your own decisions.

Users can participate in and complete a variety of tasks and quests. You can do everything from finding food to shipping packages to driving a vehicle or a cruise. Who would have thought you could play a game in which a raccoon drives a car? In this city simulator, the possibilities are limitless.



WASD or arrow keys to switch 
Left mouse button to strike or press on the interface 
Space bar to hop 
Shift to drive 
C key is used to enable/disable sneaking.


—3D Raccoon Simulator 
— You can start your own raccoon family 
—Customizable appearance 
—A large city with a forest to discover 
—Exciting quests such as driving a vehicle, boat, and so on 
— This game can be played in fullscreen mode.

Remember to switch and press in order to monitor your raccoon. You can also launch your own raccoon family if you like. Find a suitable friend with whom you will fall in love and have those baby raccoons. Users may also customize their raccoon's look by selecting various fur coat shades and facial features.

We almost forgot to note that at the start of the game, players will choose their raccoon's name and gender. The game's controls are straightforward and depend on standard FPS movement keys. Users can also move the game camera and explore the incredible 3D city. Finally, users can download the apk files and make their own version of this fantastic game.

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