Pac Xon (Deluxe)

Pac Xon (Deluxe) is a twisting Pac-Man game. You build a wall that fills the projector, rather than navigating around a labyrinth of pellets to feed. The degree is full when you fill the room by 80 percent. However, make sure the fantasies don't capture you.


—Switch with arrow keys on your PC
—Slide your finger over the smartphone display to switch


—Pac Xon Deluxe original 2007 game 
— Initial style of Pac-Man
—  Different power-ups for Pac Xon 
—50 to complete difficult stages

How to play:

To pass Pac Xon around the level, use your arrow keys. He builds a wall as he passes instinctively. Stay alert for power-ups, so that you can quickly gain a profit!

Build a wall
Pac Xon's goal is to construct a wall before 80% of the area is covered. This target must be achieved while stopping ghost attacks. You are going to waste a life if they float against an empty wall. If the stages advance, the difficulty is met with more fantasies in different dimensions. Pac Xon has a total of 50 stages.

Collect power-ups
The spontaneous appearance of four power-ups in Pac Xon. The following power-ups are:

— Glowing Orb:  you might take a moment because you're running away 
— Cherries: going faster 
— Peach: Ghosts moving more slow 
— Strawberry: Ghosts stop moving for a bit 

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