Duck Life: Space

Duck Life: Space is a duck racing game with a space theme and plot. Your prize has been stolen by an alien from deep space, and you must embark on a journey into space to retrieve it! Along the way, you'll see a slew of new mini-games and races.


—Running controls: Left click to switch sides 
—Swimming controls: Use the arrow keys to float 
— Controls for flying: Use the left and right arrows to move.


—Six worlds with distinct alien duck races 
—Six abilities to learn 
—24 minigames to practice them 
—Accessorize the duck squad with caps, hairstyles, and clothing.
—Enchanting music to accompany the universe's ethereal dimension.

How to Play

*Hone your skills
You will learn your duck's flying, running, swimming, and jumping skills, much as in previous Duck Life games. In Duck Life: Room, however, you have an additional talent - Intelligence.

*Complete quests
Travel the cosmos, competing in races and minigames to reclaim the world champion trophy. Any exotic new universe you meet brings with it a new set of challenges. When you win the duck race on that globe, you're one step closer to reclaiming what's rightfully yours when you fly off to the next place.

*Buy stuff
More ducks can be added to your crew by buying them in the store, allowing you to create an elite fleet of avian racers. In addition to new ducks, you can purchase clothing, caps, and hairstyles to ensure that you are both trendy and professional.

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