Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is an absolute / Ilyon's popular free casual puzzle game. In the game, several bubbles of the same color must align such that they will vanish. The game was first published in 2002 and was influenced by puzzle bobble.

You have to pair three or four bubbles of the same color together to delete the bubbles; you can do this by throwing bubbles that you get into the stack of bubbles piled at play. Try removing the least number of shots from all bubbles to make a high result. The challenge rises as you play. You have to bring more focus into your shots at and stage.

The original bubble shooter was a Taito clone of the famous puzzle bobble arcade game! The game in the United States became very famous.


—Move the mouse to aim
Left mouse to shot


— A classic Shooter Bubble game 
— Numerous colorful bubbles 
— As you play for longer, the challenge is harder

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