Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square


Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square is a platforming-arcade game influenced by arcade classics from the 1990s. This game consists of one large level divided into large single-screen pieces. Each stumbling block has been carefully put. Each part has been devilishly crafted. The maze-like tower would require patience and ability to navigate. Precision is important for performance!

A brand-new structure. An old foe. Ride the vaporwaves while avoiding the neon annoyances in the third episode of the famous Big Tower Tiny Square series!



Menu user interface: A/W or Arrow Keys to pass, room to pick. On a mobile device, you can interact with the user interface by clicking or touching it.
Keyboard: Move with the arrow keys or A D | Jump with the spacebar or up arrow or Z or W | Y to restart at the last checkpoint | ESC to access the menu
Controller: Joystick to switch | A to hop | Y to restart at last checkpoint | Menu Start
Mobile: Move with the touch buttons on the left side of the phone | Jump with the touch button on the right | To access the main menu, tap the top of the screen.


—If the game is choppy or has a poor frame rate, toggle the PERFORMANCE button in the options menu for smoother gameplay. (On by default for mobile)
—Too zoomed out: Toggle the ZOOM button in options to get a closer look at the player. (On by default for mobile)
—If you are unable to start, highlight the start button with A/D and press space (Keyboard) or Joystick and A button (Controller), or select Start. Simply press the start button on your mobile device.

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