1v1 Battle


1v1 Battle is a 1-on-1 multiplayer building and warfare simulator game.

Become a champion in 1v1 Battle Game, a unique battle-royale-styled third-person shooter and PVP simulator game that will help you hone your battle abilities, battle against actual players in 1v1 modes, and master the art of building multiplayer battle games.



- WASD keys to walk or run
- Space to jump
- Crouch with left Ctrl
- Use: E key
- Shoot with left mouse button
- Aim with right mouse button
- Reload with R key

Features 1v1 Battle Build Fight Simulator

Quick Matchmaking
No more waiting for a battle to start; locate a 1v1 multiplayer PVP match against live people in seconds!

Unique Build Fight Shooting Training

—Shooting Training: With our unique shooting simulator, you may practice your fight abilities with a variety of weaponry, including shotgun training, sniper training, and much more!
—Training for Trickshots: Practice and perfect your trickshots.
—Building Skills: Improve your building fighting skills by learning to move freely and escape attacks with your brains and reflexes.

Building Practice Mode
Our unique building mode will teach you how to construct complex structures, improve your fight posture, and dominate the 1v1 battle arena.

Exciting Gameplay
1v1 Fight is a free-to-play competitive battle game featuring a third-person view, straightforward controls, AAA-quality graphics, and exciting gameplay. In our free multiplayer battle first-person shooter, outperform your opponents with your PVP fighting abilities.
Each build fight you win will help you develop your build fight shooting abilities, dominate the leaderboard, and become the greatest multiplayer PVP player ever!

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