WinterSmash is a mobile-friendly puzzle game in which the player must use mechanics to help Santa get back on his feet, er, sleigh. You can still call on his reindeer for assistance, but odds are they would put you in an even worse condition. You may change their actions to make it more appropriate for your case.


Mouse cursor or tap: kill the platform 
Left key on the keyboard: summons a reindeer from the left 
Right key on the keyboard: summons a reindeer from the right is a physics-based smartphone ragdoll puzzle game in which you must assist Santa Clause in getting down from the mound of gifts onto the board.

You should enlist the assistance of your trusty yet slightly rabbid reindeer. They have different behaviors, so try to choose the one that best suits your needs, or simply press to ignore them.

* Extensive guide describing how things work to get you started quickly 
* Complete over 30 levels of campaign spread through 2 threads (2 ways to finish) 
* Create maps for friends to enjoy 
* Play other people's maps and show that you can sort out the puzzle 
* Hoard reindeers and call them for a brawl

Join the Winter Land to get Santa to his knees!

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