Unlit.io is a one-of-a-kind free-for-all io game in which you use a flashlight to drain your enemies. Unlit.io is a game that you would love if you enjoy playing manhunt and flashlight tag in your backyard at night with your children. Shine the spotlight on other players to steal their power and fade them out, or turn it off to stay invisible to other players. Consider tactics as you step across the map, and try to fade as many players as possible!

 Control:  To switch, use the mouse. Toggle the strength and length of your light beam with the left mouse button. Once you've gained some momentum, you can click and hold to increase your speed.

Strategy: Other players cannot see you until they spot you with their headlights while your flashlight is turned off. Switch off the torch before an innocent player enters, then creep up behind them and fade them!

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