TileFall io: Among us is the name of the title. Below io is a lava lake. If we don't want our dinosaur to crash and become a fossil, we'll have to twist and turn and find the best ways to avoid the risk.

A fun running and jumping board, TileFall.io Game challenges you to remain on the floor as long as you can. In this free Silvergames.com online game you're going to play like a nice little monster, jumping and running on floating platforms on one end: Stay away from the lava.

The platforms on which you stand are made up of hexagons that break off as someone goes on, hurry up, stop going or fall. Before you finally hit the lava, there are many grounds; don't rely too much on them, or lose. Try to become the last player to play the free TileFall io online game!


- WASD to move
- Mouse rotation turn

How to play: 

  There are several different goals for Tilefall.io: Among us. One or more of them will attempt to succeed. This depends exclusively on your play skills and experience in Tilefall io online.

 All TileFallio players begin on equal footing. A lava pool lies several stories under our heads. It's difficult to stop it, so if other players fall before you, you'll succeed. Dodge, devise new strategies to defeat your opponents - something to save your dinosaur from being a barbecue!

You must know when you will be going during the fall. The ground underneath you will quickly melt, and the longer you continue on each stage, the better your odds of winning the race. It's all up to you to invite your mates to play in Tilefal.io in a fun and friendly setting!

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