Shipnt-io is a physics-based co-op game in which you and other players help free a ship trapped in the Suez Canal. The object of the game is to free the boat that is currently trapped as soon as possible when competing with other players on the leaderboard.



The avatar in the game pulls the ship using mechanics. You pass the avatar by pushing and moving him around, but once you let go, he will still return to the dock. If no one is present or if they disconnect, you can use all avatars to travel faster, but keep in mind that the ship's innertia can make it difficult to navigate.

When the game is over, the players are free to wander and can even return to their starting point. As an added bonus, you can travel with the ship on board! The game is also playable on mobile devices; the controls are similar; drag your Avatar to drive the ship.

Strategy: A smart tactic is and attempt and coordinate with the other player and determine which section of the canal you want to go across, bottom - top - center. You'd be shocked to learn that a simple "Hey :)" will go a long way.

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