TankSmith.io is an io tower defense game that involves tanks and improvements. Collect capital. Build your aquarium. Enter the fray. All of this takes place in real-time against teams from all over the world. A unique tank shooter/tower defense combination. Assemble the tank from ten different units and upgrade them with five different tools. Compete to hundreds of other players using realistic 2D physics.



  To switch, use the WASD or arrow keys. Shoot with your mouse. To shoot, use the left mouse button. To remain alive, you must protect your core. Gain capital by destroying forms. Choose a device from the store and press to place it. Collect more money to make better units. To trigger autofire, press the E key. To update or kill a device in your tank, click it. Assemble your tank to make it more effective. Compete to other teams to advance up the leaderboard.

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