Taekwon2.io is a free fantasy role-playing game. Welcome to a one-of-a-kind universe of multiplayer martial-arts combat and exploratory RPG elements. In Tae Kwon 2 you can see how players become rich and strong by grinding up their talents and finally slaying their rivals! This is a free top-down, 2D quest game in which you complete quests to earn skills, coins, objects, and experience points. But be warned: these are not easy quests, and failure will have serious consequences for you and your character. You may lose items, gold, and experience points but you will always have fun. TaeKwon2 io is a fun game at its heart. A simple game for people of all ages.


WASD or Arrow Key - unit movement.
—Aim and use with mouse movement and left click.
B - start a business (works only in the DOJO area).
N - Displays the update menu for the chosen piece.
Z - communicate (when prompted).
E - obtain object (s).
G - exclude the selected piece.
C - Use the chosen object automatically before it is interrupted (either by click or F).
H - Displays the support menu.
1-6 (Numbers) - pick an object from the hotbar. You can also choose the slot by clicking on it.
—Other - to use, drag things from the backpack to the inventory.

How to play:

Sharpen your Taekwondo skills in this martial arts/fantasy multiplayer game! Earn XP by training in the DOJO and slaying enemies, and gold only by slaying enemies by embarking on a QUEST by at the bottom of the DOJO area, but note to deposit your Gold to your bank at an ATM before questing, as a full 50% of cash Gold is lost on death. Purchase and update guns, armor, potions, and other objects in the SHOP/UPGRADE area to become a formidable opponent! There are few options in the shop; instead, find rare pieces ranging from normal to rare to awesome rarity in quest chests that spawn every 3 minutes. The greater the difficulty of the quest, the greater the reward! Looking for a brawl? Visit the PVP ARENA to participate in battle with other players; this is the only pvp zone. Taekwon2io has nearly 20 things to collect, including guns, armour, and potions. This game can be played AFK in the training area by using our auto-use tool.

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