Area 51 Battle Royale

Area 51 Battle Royale is an io battle royale title that is available for download. You take on the part of an alien hunter during the Area 51 raid. Liberate Aliens and win their reputation; even if you die, the raid must continue. Choose another class to play and keep attacking. With each level, more powerful classes are unlocked, beginning with Weeb, Jock, Anonymous, Forum Troll, and Alien Bruh. Each class has its own set of skills.

 Control: Move the mouse to monitor the action of the character.


Concentrate on the class's positive points:

- Weeb - a fast yet squishy creature that is ideal for desert farming and avoiding bullets.
- Jock - very tanky, great for getting between Area 51 and the desert while the cops are after you.
- Anonymous - excellent at eluding the police in Area 51, but watch out for the trapped covered special forces.
- Forum Troll - his recovery allows him to kite for longer periods of time than previous classes, but his pace punishes errors.
- Alien Bruh - has all of the previous class perks, but the heal is weaker and the invisibility takes longer to refresh.

 In this Area 51 raid, free aliens and gain as much prestige as possible. Keep an eye out for the guards' incoming bullets! Perhaps you'd like to try the "Naturo Run" style?

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